Bank of Canada Announcement – March 2022

General Angela Calla 2 Mar

I just wanted to share my message to any of you variable rate mortgage holders who are feeling apprehensive about the Bank of Canada’s rate increase today. To those of you with fixed-rate mortgages, this should not affect you at all. 📣 Attention Variable Rate Mortgage Holders: Do Not Panic. 👉 The Bank of Canada […]

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Five Tips for Your Upcoming Renewal

General Angela Calla 1 Mar

This is a big year for mortgage renewals. You deserve to get the most out of your investment; by adhering to the following tips, you stand a great chance of saving thousands down the road by handling your mortgage renewal the right way Start planning for the renewal at least four months in advance You […]

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Budget 2022 moves us forward together to build a StrongerBC

General Angela Calla 22 Feb

Budget 2022 reflects the choices government is making that are needed to build a stronger B.C. and make life better for people, by investing in B.C.’s economic, environmental and social strengths. Budget 2022 supports bold actions to fight climate change and to protect people and communities from climate-related disasters. In addition, the budget helps with […]

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Canadian Housing Markets Tighten, Pushing Price Higher

General Angela Calla 16 Feb

Wanted: Home Sellers Housing affordability remains a huge political issue, and with the Department of Finance working on the upcoming budget, no doubt measures to reduce home prices will be front and center. With an election coming this spring in Ontario, Premier Ford’s Housing Affordability Task Force has made recommendations to step up homebuilding. Still, […]

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Major Setback in Canada’s January Employment Report

General Angela Calla 7 Feb

No Wonder The Bank of Canada Didn’t Hike Interest Rates Last Month Statistics Canada released the January Labour Force Survey this morning, reporting a much more extensive than expected decline in jobs last month. The Omicron shutdowns and restrictions took a much larger toll in Canada than expected, as employment fell 200,100 in January and […]

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If You’re Considering Locking in Your Variable Mortgage

General Angela Calla 26 Jan

The Bank of Canada has made their announcement to keep interest rates the same today, but we fully expect them to increase later this year. For some, this may be an opportunity for locking in your mortgage. With the current inflationary pressures, it’s very common to consider if you should lock in your variable rate […]

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