Have an RBC mortgage or account- get ready to pay more-

General Angela Calla 29 Apr

RBC will start charging customers fees to pay their mortgage, reports @CBCNews

Banking fees are going up at all of Canada’s five big banks, but some customers of RBC in particular are outraged about the changes. They’re accusing Canada’s biggest bank of targeting children and those who can least afford 



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So…which is more valuable? Gold or a Vancouver condo?

General Angela Calla 29 Apr

According to the Financial Post, they want you to forget gold and buy a Vancouver condo if you want to stash your wealth!

“Gold has lost its lustre…The two greatest stores of wealth internationally today is contemporary art….. and I don’t mean that as a joke, I mean that as a serious asset class,” said Laurence D. Fink,chairman of BlackRock Inc. “And two, the other store of wealth today is apartments in Manhattan, apartments in Vancouver, in London.”

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CMHC Homeowner Policy Modifications

General Angela Calla 29 Apr

The following changes below break down to 3 things being clarified

1.       No cashback mortgages anymore

2.       Harmonized qualifying between lenders- less applicants will qualify for the variable rate mortgage, it remains a luxury.

3.       Letters of Employment will continue to always be required (no real news here)


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April 27, 2015 

Subject: Homeowner Policy Modifications Relating to B-21 Guidelines 

In line with the industry focus on risk management, the OSFI B-21 Guidelines, and responsible diligent lending practices, CMHC is implementing policy modifications for homeowner 1-4 unit properties and providing greater clarification on the requirements surrounding the verification of the borrower’s income and employment. 

§        CMHC is harmonizing its policies with respect to the qualifying interest rates used for low ratio and high ratio loans submitted for mortgage loan insurance. Whether the loan is high or low ratio, qualifying interest rate for all variable rate mortgages regardless of the term, and fixed rate mortgages with a term less than five years, will be the greater of the contractual mortgage interest rate or the five-year benchmark interest rate. For fixed rate mortgages, where the term is 5 years or more, the qualifying interest rate is the contract interest rate. 
§        In line with industry efforts to encourage borrowers to save for homeownership, lender cash backs will no longer be considered as an eligible non-traditional source of down payment to satisfy minimum equity requirements. 
§        To add clarity and ensure increased consistency in how its policy is interpreted and applied, CMHC is modifying its policy with respect to the verification of the borrower’s income and employment. The policy will now state that lenders must obtain third party verification of the underlying income for all borrowers including substantiation of employment status and income history. 

The effective date to comply with the modifications and clarification outlined above is June 30, 2015. CMHC recognizes that the policy change related to qualifying interest rates for transactional low ratio loans may generate system impacts for some Approved Lenders. For this reason, CMHC is allowing for flexibility in implementing this change. Approved Lenders are expected to implement the change as early as possible and no later than December 31, 2015

Attached you will find a document covering common operational questions and answers surrounding this announcement. 

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Take advantage of lower interest rates on mortgages. Watch Angela Calla on Youtube

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Angela Calla, AMP with Dominion Lending Centres discusses breaking your current mortgage to take advantageof today's lower rates. Angela Calla's team conducts annual mortgage reviews for all of their clients as a part of their mortgage coaching for being a valued client. Listen to how Angela and her team were able to help their client Anna save $550 per month on her mortgage.  

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Great video breaking down the two main formulas to calculate mortgage penalties.

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Depending on the type of mortgage you have, penalties might be zero, three months’ interest, or something known as the interest rate differential amount. The costs can vary wildly, so be sure to ask how much you will owe if you break your mortgage. Talk to The Angela Calla Mortgage Team personally so we can help you avoid costly mistakes with our unbiased, transparent free advise 604-802-3983 callateam@dominionlending.ca

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Think the total cost of owning a home is high now? Look at this comparison to 1985!

General Angela Calla 26 Apr

Compare the total cost(s) of owning a home 30 years ago to today, you will be very surprised:

Lifetime interest to home price ratio:
  *  Today:  0.53
  *  30 years ago:  1.77

Please click here for the complete article from the Financial Post

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