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General Angela Calla 23 Feb

Despite working long, hard hours and taking on extra projects whenever we could, we had accumulated an unmanageable amount of debt from raising a family and starting a business that took a few years to establish. When our home price finally rose after many stagnant years, my husband suggested we try to access some of that equity and stop living as slaves to our consumer debt. The low-interest credit cards we started out with had gradually raised their interest rates on us, despite never missing a payment or being late. An Amex interest raise was even preceded by a lovely letter thanking us for being such good customers for more than 10 years. We were trapped in a cycle that would seemingly never end.

My husband had heard of Angela Calla’s team on both the radio and TV. He decided to call.

David and John gave us a list of tasks, and once we completed these, the approval was almost instant. They were both friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient; most importantly, we didn’t feel judged. I found them patient in (mostly) answering my emails—poor guys, I’m cautious and curious and never the easiest client.

After refinancing, our mortgage payment will be lower. Not having to pay exorbitant interest rates any longer, extra money will finally go towards the principal of our debt to actually start reducing it. After what has felt like indebted servitude for so many years, the newfound freedom and choice is overwhelming. We are grateful for the kind assistance Angela Calla’s team provided. Our future is brighter because we met them.

R. and C. McCalam

Learn how we helped Kate save thousands on her #mortgage

General Angela Calla 2 Feb

Listen to Kate from New Westminster share on CKNW The Mortgage Show how The Angela Calla Mortgage Team worked with her personally to help her gain clarity on her mortgage and how dealing with a mortgage professional rather than the banks, saved her money and provided an unbiased opinion on all optons that were available to her.

Take Kates advice and don’t wait any longer to email us at to see how we can help you. 

Angela Calla has been a licensed mortgage broker for 14 years. She has been with Dominion Lending Centres since its inception. Residing in Port Moody, British Columbia, Angela is a regular expert guest on several news stations, television shows, radio programs and local and national publications.

She was the AMP of the year in 2009, and has consistently been one of DLC and the industry’s top performers. 

The Angela Calla Mortgage Team will work with you personally to ensure you get the best mortgage options contact us directly at 604-802-3983 or its never to early or to late to start planning to position yourself best. 

10 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes

General Angela Calla 2 Feb

10 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes Courtesy of Genworth Financial 

Ten Things In a Real Estate Transaction That Can Affect Your Mortgage

If you’re on the hunt for your first home and want to have a smooth and successful home purchasing experience avoid these common first-time homebuying mistakes.

1. Thinking you don’t need a real estate agent

You might be able to find a house on your own but there are still many aspects of buying real estate that can confuse a first-time buyer. Rely on your agent to negotiate offers, inspections, financing and other details. The money you save on commission can be quickly gobbled up by a botched offer or overlooked repairs

2. Getting your heart set on a home before you do your homework

The house that’s love at first sight may not always be what it seems, so keep an open mind. Plus, you may be too quick to go over budget or may overlook a potential pitfall if you jump in too fast.

3. Picking a fixer-upper because the listing price is cheaper

That old classic may have loads of potential, but be extra diligent in the inspection period. What will it really cost to get your home where it needs to be? Negotiating a long due-diligence period will give you time to get estimates from contractors in case you need to back out.

4. Committing to more than you can afford

Don’t sacrifice retirement savings or an emergency fund for mortgage payments. You need to stay nimble to life’s changes, and overextending yourself could put your investments – including your house – on the line.

5. Going with the first agent who finds you

Don’t get halfway into house hunting before you realize your agent isn’t right for you. The best source: a referral from friends. Ask around and take the time to speak with your potential choices before you commit.

6. Diving into renovations as soon as you buy

Yes, renos may increase the value of your home, but don’t rush. Overextending your credit to get it all done fast doesn’t always pay off. Take time to make a solid plan and the best financial decisions. Living in your home for a while will also help you plan the best functional changes to the layout.

7. Choosing a house without researching the neighbourhood

It may be the house of your dreams, but annoying neighbours or a nearby industrial zone can be a rude awakening. Spend time in the area before you make an offer – talk to local business owners and residents to determine the pros and cons of living there.

8. Researching your broker and agent, but not your lawyer

New buyers often put all their energy into learning about mortgage rates and offers, but don’t forget that the final word in any deal comes from your lawyer. As with finding agents, your best source for referrals will be friends and business associates.

9. Fixating on the lowest interest rate

Yes, a reasonable rate is important, but not at the expense of heavy restrictions and penalties. Make a solid long-term plan to pay off your mortgage and then find one that’s flexible enough to accommodate life changes, both planned and unexpected. Be sure to talk your your Dominion Lending Centres mortgage professional to learn more.

10. Opting out of mortgage insurance

Your home is your largest investment so be sure to protect it. Mortgage insurance not only buys you peace of mind, it also allows for more flexible financing options. Plus, it allows you to take advantage of available equity to pay down debts or make financial investments.

Angela Calla, Mortgage Expert, AMP of the Year in 2009 has been helping British Columbian families save money with the best mortgage strategy for over a decade from her Port Coquitlam office location. She is a regular contributor to national and regional media outlets and long time host of The Mortgage Show on CKNW Saturdays at 7pm, and sits on many advisory boards for mortgage lenders & insurers. 

The Angela Calla Mortgage Team gives you clarity on the best mortgage by being transparent, unbiased free mortgage advise with choice. We are here to help you personally with your mortgage at 604-802-3983 or