We saved Micheal of Port Coquitlam $1500 a month by redoing his mortgage early

General Angela Calla 25 Nov

Hear how we helped Micheal of #portcoquitlam save over $1500.00 a month by redoing his mortgage ealry on his townhouse.

Now feeling relieved from the financial burden of outside debts he is a newly engaged man! With the new mortgage he is gaining more equity quicker into his townhome so he can move with his bride to be in a bigger home, so there is room for all the babies they plan to have, and oh yeah–plan a wedding! 


Who do you know that is wondering, can I save money on my mortgage? Please introduce us in an email to callateam@dominionlending.ca to see how and if we can help! Our service is free. #wehaveamortgagefor that 

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Hear how we helped Ella & Paul of Surrey save $3500 a month by redoing their mortgage

General Angela Calla 25 Nov

Ella & Paul of surrey are two hardworking parents, long time listeners of The Motgage Show Saturdays at 7pm, on CKNW, so when there mortgage was coming up for renewal, they came directly to us.

We helped them avoid costly mistakes, and ensure they are on the best path possible after dealing with helping family family financially. They learned through experience before coming to us that dealing with any lender without our help cost them money, time and stress, which thankfuly is a part of thier past now!

Now saving an amazing $3,500.00 per month.nThis will change their lives significantly and provide a future for them that they couldn’t imagone before they contacted The Angela Calla Mortgage Team. Listen to the full interview here: 


Who do you know coming up for mortgage renewal in the next year? Does anyone you care about have a renewal coming up and want to ensure they can get the most out of it to live thier best life possible? Please introduce us in an email to callateam@dominionlending.ca and we will get to work to save you and them as much money as possible. #wehaveamortgageforthat 

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Hear how we helped Sandra of Coquitlam keep her home through her divorce

General Angela Calla 18 Nov

Who do you know considering separating from there spouse but feel trapped about not being able to be able to keep their home?

Listen to how Angela Calla Mortgage Team  helped Sandra of #Coquitlam keep her family home & how we helped her ex husband purchase a home close by so they can co parent easier. Thank Goodness they called #callateam as their bank told then they would have to sell #disasteravoided #wehaveamortgageforthat .

Please share & contact us directly at callateam@dominionlending for us to help you or someone important to you going through this life transition https://soundcloud.com/cknw/interview-sandra 

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Angela Calla on Global Morning News BC Explains The Current Mortgage Market

General Angela Calla 17 Nov

Included below is a recent segment for Global BC that discusses the most common following questions

What to do if you have a Variable or Fixed Mortgage

The Bank of Canada did not raise prime, only TD raised there personal bank prime that results in taking more money from its existing customers, no other lender to date has done this. Mortgage professionals consider this when making a reccomendation for borrowers on lenders.

Trump, the bond market and increased costs for lenders causing rate increases for fixed rates

How to take advantage of these opportunities & what will be required to evaluation your options.

If you are renting and want to buy, what you should do.

How a proactive mortgage professional helps you other than rate with their personal lender & market experience. 

The Angela Calla Mortgage Team is here to help you and those you care most about personally. Contact us directly at callateam@dominionlending.ca or 604-802-3983