The Secrets Of World Bankers

General Angela Calla 29 Aug

Wonder why Banks are SO eager to get you to open an account with them & offer freebies like ipads, coffee, free chequing etc?

Wonder why some of the exit fee’s are SO high to get out of their products

Wonder what they make money on and how you are viewed as a consumer

Wonder how its even legal for them to give you terms in loans or products that you didn’t “know” about?

This is very eye opening documentry that should make every consumer run to a reputable mortgage professional when considering a mortgage, or else- consumer beware! This is not a canadian show, however some of these practices have made it over here with the big banks.

We are not saying banks are bad, when you have the right guidance, you can be empowered to make educated decisions.

In 2008 the financial crisis swept across the modern world. Today, banks are still at the eye of the storm. This three-part BBC documentary series examines recent scandals that have shaken the financial sector, and the revelations of complacency, greed and recklessness that shattered trust in the system. Combining rigorous journalism with access to key players, the series asks what bankers, regulators and policy-makers have learnt since 2008. And, in the process of making the City of London and Wall Street pay the price for weaknesses in regulation, leadership and ethics, is there a danger of inflicting as much suffering on the wider economy as on the banks?

Are you prepared financially & emotionally to buy a home?

General Angela Calla 14 Aug

Are you prepared financially and emotionally?

Meeting these criteria can make the difference between frustration and success

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CMHC Launches Web-Based Housing Market Information Portal

General Angela Calla 1 Aug

Last month CMHC launched its Housing Market Information Portal. A new, dynamic, web-based tool, the Portal enables users to access CMHC’s wealth of housing market data in one, easy location. Unrivalled in scope and flexibility, the Portal provides housing market information to address a wide range of strategic business needs – at no cost to users.

“As Canada’s housing authority, CMHC continues to be the most comprehensive and reliable source of information on housing in Canada. The Portal is another example of how CMHC makes accurate and up-to-date information available to Canadian governments, consumers and the housing industry,” said Michel Laurence, CMHC’s Vice President, Policy and Research. “Whether users are looking for high-level national and provincial housing statistics, or local data for specific cities or neighbourhoods, the Portal can readily provide the objective and impartial information Canadians have come to rely on from CMHC.”  

The Portal features four different views – At-a-Glance, Compare, Tables and Publications – to access information. Each view is supported by a map-based interface, making access to geography-specific information quick and easy. A state-of-the-art search function and a geography-related drop-down menu gives users the flexibility to refine their data search from the national to the neighbourhood level without using the map, if desired. Users can access historical, current and comparative reports in a range of outputs, including tables, charts and maps, available in PDF and spreadsheet formats, suitable for sharing with clients, colleagues and stakeholders. The Portal also enables users to search CMHC’s most recent and historical Housing Market Information publications.

Additional details on the Portal’s features and functions can be viewed in this video or by accessing the tool at

For general enquiries or assistance with the Portal, contact CMHC’s Call Centre: 1-800-668-2642;