Debt Consolidation – Pushing the reset button.

General Angela Calla 8 Nov

This is not your parent’s mortgage!!  We have been well trained by our parents who have been strongly influenced by the banks to want to quickly pay off our mortgages.  Back then, the price of homes was substantially lower and the interest rates were astronomically higher.  Our environment has changed.  We now have these big […]

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What the Liberal win means for your mortgage.

General Angela Calla 23 Oct

With all the news we have seen on the election, I thought I would sum it up from a mortgage industry perspective. What the liberal win means for your mortgage: We will see the continuation of the First Time Home Buyers’ Incentive. Check out the link for more information here: Property Transfer Tax modifications […]

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Thinking about selling your home?

General Angela Calla 17 Oct

6 Questions you need to ask yourself before taking the leap.   Angela Calla is a 15 year award-winning woman of influence and mortgage expert. Alongside her team, passionately assisting mortgage holders get the best mortgage, and educating them on “The Mortgage Show” on CKNW for over a decade and through her best-selling book “The […]

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Tri-Cities business awards nominees named Nine nominated for business leader and nine for young professional Staff writer / Tri-City News

General Angela Calla 16 Oct

Tri-Cities business awards nominees named Nine nominated for business leader and nine for young professional Staff writer / Tri-City News Nine nominations for business leader of the year and nine for young professional of the year are up for the 2019 Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. Individuals nominated for business leader are Angela […]

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Improving your credit score isn’t as hard as you think

General Angela Calla 15 Oct

If you’re credit challenged but want to get into the housing market, it can be a tough road to hoe. But improving your credit to a point where a lender will give you chance, is very doable. First, I won’t bore you with the detailed minutia of credit scores. Basically, what you need to know […]

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Mortgage renewals with the same lender are on the rise, but should you just sign on the dotted line?

General Angela Calla 9 Oct

If you’re in a mortgage that’s coming up for renewal in the coming months and you’re considering just staying with your current lender, you wouldn’t be alone. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) Residential Mortgage Industry Report released in the summer, in 2018, the number of mortgage renewals with the same lender […]

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Is the real estate market recovering?

General Angela Calla 7 Oct

I have really enjoyed seeing homebuyers getting into the market over the last year. You never know the bottom until you are seeing it in the rear view mirror.  It looks like we are in recovery mode. Certainly a market cycle I have seen before and predicted at end of summer for Global News. […]

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Andrew Sheers Plan in terms of housing is a long called for relief.

General Angela Calla 23 Sep When the federal government under the Liberals made all the changes to the mortgage rules, they did it with ZERO consultation from the industry. Our industry immediately detected, the gaps and collateral damage it was going to do to Canadians by making it harder for them to buy a home.  The Conservative Party actually […]

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