The highest- and lowest-priced homes sold in B.C.: July 7 to 13

General Angela Calla 17 Jul

BCBusiness’s weekly snapshot of what’s selling around the province Vancouver and Victoria had the priciest residential real estate sales last week. Both Vancouver properties sold quickly: a Point Grey townhouse went for $1.7 million in a single day, while a Yaletown condo fetched its asking price of $1,271,900 in three days. The most-expensive single-family home […]

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Bank of Canada Maintains Overnight Rate and Raises 2019 Forecast

General Angela Calla 10 Jul

The Bank of Canada held the target overnight rate at 1.75% for the sixth consecutive decision and showed little willingness to ease monetary policy, as stronger domestic growth offsets the risk of mounting global trade tensions. There has been ongoing speculation that the Bank of Canada would be pushed into cutting interest rates by the […]

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General Angela Calla 5 Jul

Andrew Carnagie was one of the richest men in America over 100 years ago. Today his wealth would be worth $4.6 billion dollars. He was a shrewd businessman. While he made most of his money in oil and iron, he understood the value and importance of real estate in building wealth. Leveraging your money is […]

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How to get a down payment for a purchase

General Angela Calla 20 Jun

We have seen a return of the buyers’ market and many people are asking, how long will this last? While some renters without a down payment might be asking, how can I put a plan in place to own? With the cost of living so high, and student debts coming out of school, many consumers […]

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General Angela Calla 24 May

About twice a year, one of the big Canadian banks likes to run an advertising campaign for their cash back mortgages. These are mortgages usually with 5 year terms where you receive a certain percentage back in cash. The percentage varies from 1% to 5% in most cases. You can use these funds to build […]

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General Angela Calla 9 May

Are you officially Mortgage Free? CONGRATULATIONS! That is a monumental milestone to achieve! With that significant accomplishment, you should look at obtaining a Title Insurance Policy. What most people don’t realize is that when you had a mortgage, the lender will likely have had this in place for you. Once your mortgage is paid out […]

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General Angela Calla 9 May

When applying for any sort of loan, one of the most important metrics a lender is going to look at is your credit score. But what really is a credit score, who keeps track of it, and most importantly, how can you improve yours? There are a few simple ways to keep your credit score […]

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Today’s Underwhelming Budget

General Angela Calla 19 Mar

While many in the industry thought we might see increases to amortization or relief from the previously imposed stress test, none of those were taken into consideration in today’s underwhelming federal budget. The announcements we saw in relation to home purchasers were: RRSP’s 1. An increase to the amount accessible from RRSP’s from $25,000 (where […]

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General Angela Calla 6 Mar

Did you know that you can buy a home with ZERO down payment?? If a home purchase is your goal this year but you aren’t able to save up enough of a down payment, you may qualify for a low or zero down payment mortgage. One of our Lenders is offering a great zero down […]

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Insurance products when you own a home

General Angela Calla 5 Mar

When it comes to your home, big or small, be prepared to be bombarded by a number of insurance products to keep you protected. While it can seem overwhelming, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the basics of some of the insurance you will either need to have, or choose as an optional. […]

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