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Top 4 Considerations for Mortgage in 2022

General Angela Calla 16 Dec

As we approach a new year, there are always a few things to keep in mind when it comes to our mortgage. We have put together a few considerations to keep at the forefront of the ever-changing market.

Sliding Scale
With home prices surging all over the country you may be surprised to learn that purchases over a million dollars may need a larger down payment than 20%. (Purchasing for Over $1 Million? Don’t Forget These Considerations). With the increase of working from home and the ability to live in different provinces, you will want to be clear with your mortgage professional on the prices and areas to ensure you have enough down payment for your purchase.

Reverse Mortgages
The Bank of Mom and Dad is very popular, and the number of gift amounts has risen. A recent report from Yahoo Finance noted that 30% of home buyers had help from family. This coupled with the fact that seven out of ten retirees saying they don’t feel they have enough for retirement makes the reverse mortgage the perfect non-taxable or cash flow impacting way parents can reach both of these goals. Now they don’t have to downsize to live out their life goals (with no inventory there is nowhere to go anyways!).

Utilize Home Equity
Get out of credit card debt and payout those student loans and cars if you wanted to buy a second home. With home prices rising as much as 30% and debt holding people back from moving up the property ladder, this is the perfect time to get that equity working for you. $50,000 in outstanding debt can be rolled into a mortgage for $250/month. Compared that to whatever you are paying for your loans, chances are, you will save hundreds or even thousands per month! So, get the compound effect working for you instead of against you. This goes a long way when you consider $480/month in outside loan payments takes away $100,000 in mortgage qualification! Not when you turn the tables.

Pre-Pandemic Interest Rates Will Likely Return
If you or a loved one has a mortgage renewal in 2022 you will want to renew it in the first quarter of the year and the Bank of Canada has mentioned, they still plan on sticking with their forecast of rising rates later in the year (Bank of Canada Holds Rate Target Steady Until April to September 2022).

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