Hear how Val saved over $1,300.00 monthly with Angela Calla Mortgage Team

2017-03-16 | 12:53:41

Val of #coquitlam joins Angela Calla Mortgage Team on CKNW to share how we saved her $1,388.33 monthly by redoing her #mortgage which means:1. She doesn't have to sell her house2. Go back to work out of retirement!3. It relieves the stress of her...

Hear how we saved Doug $1,700.00 a month with Angela Calla Mortgage Team help

2017-03-16 | 12:51:59

Just because your existing #mortgagelender will offer you a #renewal and what appears to be a good rate, doesn't mean it's the best for you! Doug of #portcoquitlam joins Angela Calla Mortgage Team on CKNW to share how we saved him $1,700.00 monthly...

CBC News-'We are all doing it': Employees at Canada's 5 big banks speak out about pressure to dupe customers

2017-03-15 | 10:55:00

Employees from all five of Canada's big banks have flooded Go Public with stories of how they feel pressured to upsell, trick and even lie to customers to meet unrealistic sales targets and keep their jobs.The deluge is fuelling multiple calls for a...

CBC News-\'We do it because our jobs are at stake\':TD bank employees admit to breaking the law for fear of being fired

2017-03-10 | 11:41:33

A CBC report earlier this week about TD employees pressured to meet high sales revenue goals has touched off a firestorm of reaction from TD employees across the country — some of whom admit they have broken the law at their customers'...

CBC Reports How TD puts ethics aside- pressure to sell

2017-03-06 | 11:01:00

Three TD Bank Group employees are speaking out about what they say is "incredible pressure" to squeeze profits from customers by signing them up for products and services they don't need.Read the full story & video's here

How does it feel to save $3,456.02 a month by redoing your mortgage- read here

2017-02-23 | 13:14:32

Despite working long, hard hours and taking on extra projects whenever we could, we had accumulated an unmanageable amount of debt from raising a family and starting a business that took a few years to establish. When our home price finally rose...