Go Green! In Your Kitchen?

General Angela Calla 11 Oct

When it comes to making your home more eco-friendly, the best place to start is the kitchen! With all of the hustle and bustle that goes on in this space (as well as the multitude of appliances), this is the ideal area to transform first for maximum effect. Invest in Long-Lasting Cookware: Switch your Teflon […]

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Job Loss and Your Mortgage Application

General Angela Calla 5 Oct

When it comes to your mortgage application, there are a few things that you should avoid doing while you’re waiting for approval – such as making large purchases (i.e. a new car), applying for new credit, pulling additional credit reports, etc. Another issue that can come up is the loss of your job… What you […]

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Don’t Get Spooked! First-Time Homebuyer Tips

General Angela Calla 4 Oct

Whether you’re currently in the process of looking for your first home, or have just started to think about it, I have some first-time homebuyer tips to help make your journey as easy as possible! Some of these you may already know about, and some you might not, but they are sure to make your […]

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Canadian Inflation Slows For The Second Consecutive Month

General Angela Calla 20 Sep

Inflation Cooled Again in August, But Higher Rates Still Coming Canada’s headline inflation rate cooled again in August, even a bit more than expected. The consumer price index rose 7.0% from a year ago, down from 7.6% in July and a forty-year high of 8.1% in June, mainly on the back of lower gasoline prices. […]

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Mortgage Renewal Webinar

General Angela Calla 16 Sep

The Bank of Canada has made it clear they are not done with interest rate hikes. We want to ensure that those up for mortgage renewals in the next 24 months take extra care when navigating the market to ensure the best mortgage strategy. If a renewal date is coming up for you or a […]

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Opinion: How high should interest rates go and how fast?

General Angela Calla 13 Sep

Should Bank of Canada continue to hike rates aggressively or take a more cautious approach? There are good arguments on both sides The Bank of Canada continued its tightening cycle last week by announcing a 75-basis-point increase in its overnight rate target. That target is now above the top end of the Bank’s estimate of […]

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Consumer Matters: Remortgaging during soaring interest rates

General Angela Calla 9 Sep

Recently we were interviewed by Global News to talk about the surging remortgaging numbers as interest rates continue to increase. “People are going from being in fixed rates of two percent to the high fours and  even fives, so on a $500,000 mortgage you could see a payment increase of up to $500 a month” […]

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