Reverse Mortgage Information

General Angela Calla 27 Oct

A reverse mortgage in Canada is a financial product designed for homeowners aged 55 and older that allows them to access a portion of their home’s equity without having to sell or move out of the property. This type of loan enables homeowners to convert part of their home equity into tax-free cash, typically in […]

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Navigating High-Interest Rates: Your Path to Informed Homeownership & Mortgage Renewal

General Angela Calla 25 Oct

High-interest rates can pose unique challenges for homeowners. To navigate this landscape effectively, it’s crucial to understand the strategies that can help you make informed decisions. Joining the Afternoon Show with Jill Bennett, we discussed key factors such as payment strategy, frequency, mortgage type regular and reverse, and amortization extending. Listen to the segment HERE […]

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Should you refinance your mortgage with todays high rates? 

General Angela Calla 20 Oct

Should you refinance your mortgage with todays high rates? Refinancing your mortgage can be an excellent way to pay off high-interest credit card and other consumer debt, improve your household cash flow, complete projects/home renovations, contribute to your retirement plan or children’s education, and many other purposes. We have dedicated ourselves to education over the […]

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Coles Notes at Mortgage Conference from Economists

General Angela Calla 19 Oct

Cole’s Notes on our Annual MPC conference Inflation is a lagging indicator Bank of Canada will choose a recession over high inflation (Central Banks worldwide are seen as inflation fighters) Bank of Canada would rather overshoot (increase more than needed and/or stay higher for longer than needed) despite the economic risk that presents Currently, the […]

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Speaking Engagements – Angela Calla Mortgage Team

General Angela Calla 18 Oct

This October The Angela Calla Mortgage Team was speaking with a group of lawyers whom areas of practice range from Real Estate Conveyancing, Family Law, Wills & Estates and Corporate Law In this high level overview of our everchanging economic market we discussed How lenders determine and offer interest rates What the difference is among […]

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Canadian Inflation Dips to 3.8% Keeping BoC On The Sidelines

General Angela Calla 17 Oct

Good News On the Inflation Front Suggests Policy Rates Have Peaked Today’s inflation report for September was considerably better than expected, ending the three-month rise in inflation. Not only did the headline inflation rate fall, but so did the core measures of inflation on a year-over-year basis and a three-month moving average basis. This, in […]

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Understanding Your Mortgage Payments

General Angela Calla 10 Oct

Mortgage Payments:   📌Monthly mortgage payments are the most standard, and lenders use this common payment to calculate the amount you would pay on other schedules. But choosing another option can shave time off your mortgage and thousands from your interest costs. 💰💡   📌 Semi-monthly means you will divide your monthly mortgage payment in […]

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2023 Homebuyer Sentiment Survey: Rising Prices, Inflation, and FOMO

General Angela Calla 27 Sep

By Alyssa Davies • September 26, 2023 Homeowners and buyers in Canada have been through a lot in the past few years. So, it’s no surprise that the homebuyer sentiment for Canadians may come with feeling anxious and pressured about homeownership. Being a homeowner has been an adventure, whether it be a global pandemic, a […]

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