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General Angela Calla 23 Feb

Despite working long, hard hours and taking on extra projects whenever we could, we had accumulated an unmanageable amount of debt from raising a family and starting a business that took a few years to establish. When our home price finally rose after many stagnant years, my husband suggested we try to access some of that equity and stop living as slaves to our consumer debt. The low-interest credit cards we started out with had gradually raised their interest rates on us, despite never missing a payment or being late. An Amex interest raise was even preceded by a lovely letter thanking us for being such good customers for more than 10 years. We were trapped in a cycle that would seemingly never end.

My husband had heard of Angela Calla’s team on both the radio and TV. He decided to call.

David and John gave us a list of tasks, and once we completed these, the approval was almost instant. They were both friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient; most importantly, we didn’t feel judged. I found them patient in (mostly) answering my emails—poor guys, I’m cautious and curious and never the easiest client.

After refinancing, our mortgage payment will be lower. Not having to pay exorbitant interest rates any longer, extra money will finally go towards the principal of our debt to actually start reducing it. After what has felt like indebted servitude for so many years, the newfound freedom and choice is overwhelming. We are grateful for the kind assistance Angela Calla’s team provided. Our future is brighter because we met them.

R. and C. McCalam