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What’s your Financial Fitness?

General Angela Calla 28 Apr

Canadians can now get their individual Financial Fitness Score to help discover how financially fit they are courtesy of Genworth Financial and the Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services (CACCS).


This new Financial Fitness Score, the first of its kind in Canada, is available online at <> . The score is based on attitudinal and behavioural questions that were developed from financial fitness data collected in a survey sponsored by Genworth Financial and CACCS. The tool helps people determine how well they’re managing their finances and provides useful information that is based on their fitness level.


“Having a firm understanding of what it means to manage your money is so important to peace of mind,” said Henrietta Ross, CEO of CACCS. “It’s quick, easy and free, but so rich in value. Understanding your score and what you can do to improve your situation is very empowering.”


The fitness tool is just one of a series of initiatives provided by Genworth Financial in collaboration with CACCS, and was launched as part of the recent Homeownership Education Week events.