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Want a VRM mortgage? You will qualify for less home.

General Angela Calla 9 Jan

 Starting in 2010, lenders had to ensure that borrowers getting variable or 1- to 4-year fixed mortgages could afford payments at the 5-year posted rate. That rule applied to mortgages with less than 20% equity.


In 2012, OSFI asked federally regulated lenders to apply the same rule to all variable and 1- to 4-year fixed mortgages, regardless of equity. But some lenders, which are provincially regulated, were not bound by this guideline.


As a result, some lenders today let conventional borrowers (20 % down payment or higher) qualify for variable-rate mortgages using significantly lower rates. That makes it easier to get approved when your debt ratio is above average.


How much easier?


Consider a qualified borrower making $70,000 a year. As of today, that person can get a variable-rate mortgage as high as $483,000 at some lenders. With an insured mortgage, he or she would be capped out at roughly $413,000.


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