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Update | Liberals on the Housing Market

General Angela Calla 16 Sep

The Liberals have clarified what they’ll do for the Canadian Housing Market in a recent campaign. The Party releases an aggressive housing plan faceted to combat other Party’s aggressive housing plans.

Trudeau promises a number of notable things,

      • Billions of dollars in new funding, measures to curb the practice of “flipping” homes
        • Efforts to block foreign nationals from buying homes for two years
        • New regulatory measures to police exploitative real estate agents
        • A three-point program which includes,

          • Unlocking home ownership through new government funding
          • A plan to build more homes to address supply constraints
          • Measures to establish and protect new rights for buyers.
        •  Introduce a first home savings account which would allow Canadians up to age 40 to save $40,000 toward their first home and withdraw it tax-free when it comes time to buy.
        • Double the first-time home buyers tax credit from $5,000 to $10,000
        • Slash mortgage insurance rates by 25 per cent
        • A “rent-to-own” program, with $1 billion in new funding to “create a pathway for renters in five years or less
        • Build, preserve or repair 1.4 million homes in the next four years” by giving cities “new tools to speed up housing construction.”
        • Create a $4 billion pool of cash that cities could tap if they help to create “middle-class homes”
        • The party is also promising $2.7 billion over four years to build or repair more affordable homes
        • Money to convert empty office space into housing,
        • A “multigenerational home renovation tax credit” to offset the costs of adding a secondary unit to a home
        • More money for Indigenous housing to help First Nations, Métis and Inuit people who live in substandard conditions.

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Liberals on the Housing Market