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Upcoming Mortgage Changes

General Angela Calla 13 Sep

In addition to recent rate hikes, we have even more regulation changes coming that will make it more difficult to qualify for mortgages and access your equity from this point on.

To protect yourself in the best way possible:

1. If you have a mortgage renewal in the next year, please contact us directly to begin reviewing your options now

2. If you have debt outside of your mortgage, now is the time for us to help you restructure your mortgage and pay it off by using your equity

3. If you are considering home renovations, please contact us to access your equity to cover the costs of the improvements

4. If you want to access your equity for any investments, please contact us at or 604-802-3983 before the rules change in order to best position yourself.

Here is the link to the full article about the upcoming changes:

If you or anyone you care about have questions on how to secure the best mortgage strategy, we are here to help.
Angela Calla, AMP