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The New Normal: Expert Insights As Canada Emerges From The Pandemic

General Angela Calla 13 May

As Canada emerges from the pandemic, its various industries are spinning back up, hoping beyond hope that their businesses not only recover, but come back stronger than ever. Without our small businesses, we don’t have anything.

To that end, we’ve spoken to eight businesspeople across a cross-section of Canadian financial-based businesses, from trustees to loan providers to mortgage brokers, and asked them one question: What does the New Normal look like for them?

For us here at The Angela Calla Mortgage Team, 

Canadians, more than ever, are understanding the benefit of using a mortgage broker. While we have all gone through unprecedented times, we, as brokers, have had the ability to review how all lenders are handling system changes, regulation changes, and government incentives all together. Borrowers are more at ease working digitally, and in a large organized manner, to communicate changes and impacts of the market in a quick and efficient way. At a time when it’s needed most, our methods have been reassuring borrowers with the value a broker provides.

Canadians have a deep desire for financial literacy and empowerment. It’s been surveyed that 7 out of 10 Canadians live paycheck to paycheck. The pandemic has raised a lot of talk around financial health and stability, causing them to engage and learning more about the system, how brokers work for their client’s best interests, and how we can help them with other financial planning alignments to encompass overall financial health.

Moving forward into the new normal, consumers who value improving their overall wealth and financial health with every aspect available to them through the empowerment of knowledge, know that working with an unbiased party will be most important to them. For example, a mortgage professional will help guide Canadians to consider if they have six months of living expenses aside, or ensure that is addressed when their mortgage is due. Missing that aspect upon renewal is a common mistake when borrowers are fixated on the interest rate for renewal and not a holistic wealth-building/protecting approach.

Adapting to change is constant, and those who are most comfortable with that are leaders in helping others navigate it. When selecting a professional to partner with, asking them how they assist borrowers in navigating change with a proactive plan in place will help ensure you make the right decisions to be set up for financial success.

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