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Testimonial from Janet & Mike | Port Coquitlam

General Angela Calla 8 Jul


Thank you and your team for ALL your help. Here we are a year in our 1st home, and we are SO grateful our friend Pamela suggested your help. If we had listened to our “bank” we would have been financially doomed and missed out huge- here is how: 1. Houses in our area are now 80,000.00 higher than when we bought a year ago so now, that equity is in our pockets. 2. We have paid down our mortgage substantially, instead of rent. 3. We got pregnant un expectantly and so now we have enough room for our growing family and with the plan you put together for us we can reduce our payments when I am on mat leave and still pay our mortgage off faster! 4. (Yes there is a 4th) I am SO happy that my bank declined us, as if we ended up using them directly there exit fee’s down the road if we needed to modify our mortgage – as life changes as we can see from the above, the costs down the road would have been 3 times the amount. Doing my mortgage through the Angela Calla Mortgage Team, you saved me 20,000.00 down the road when we compare the benefits of the lenders you have access to plus your ongoing management that is free to us and continues to save us money is priceless.

My advice to anyone considering purchasing a home or renewing a mortgage or making a change- The Angela Calla Team has your back in more way than one! It look me so long to write this, a year after their help as I wanted to really express my appreciation not only for ALL your great help during the purchase process, we wanted to include the long term benefits that most people like us who haven’t done this before or getting bombarded by advise from family and friends that are trying to help but confused us it only makes sense to go directly to you! Look what it did for us, and your service is free- a real eye opener for us!

Your clients and fans for life 🙂

Janet and Mike- Port Coquitlam