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Strategies The Angela Calla Mortgage Team use that are different than your bank

General Angela Calla 29 Oct

Mortgages are more than just rates. The Angela Calla Mortgage Team uses the following long-term plans
to help you use your mortgage to create a better life:

1. Inflation Hedge Mortgage Strategy
This is being used by thousands of Canadians and, most important, clients under our mortgage
management who have a mortgage arranged with the Angela Calla Mortgage Team. This results in you
paying the least amount of interest and places more money in your pocket – making you mortgage free
Banks hate it – that’s why it’s my favourite 🙂

You will learn terms like:
future payment shock; inflation adjustments; and equity protection, and learn how to be protected from
increasing interest rates.

2. Building Futures Plan
What ifthe proper mortgage structure could result in a large annual Government return? If you have
more equity in your home as a result of this plan, you are in more control of how quickly you move up
the property ladder, and will retire with positive cash flow. The equity in your mortgage will pay you,
This is a secret that the ultra wealthy have known for years.
But this program is available for the average family, and only a few banks offer this product. The Angela
calla MortgageTeam can identify if you are a candidate to help you always find the most amount of
money in your mortgage
-to ensure your mortgage is always working for you.

3. Debt Repositioning Analysis
Consumer debt is the number one concern among Canadianstoday. Everyday a new report is released
that suggests most canadians with the proper mortgage review and management can save on average
$500 a month by repositioning their debt into their mortgage. The Angela Calla Mortgage Team has the
tools, expertise and plan in place to make sure you are always best positioned for the life of your
mortgage – and this includes debt management
– as a courtesy for doing business with us. We are passionate about helping you create the best possible

We look forward to showing you how we can get these plans working for you by building a strategy
together that addresses your unique needs

Angela Calla Mortgage Team

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