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Speculation vs Calculation

General Angela Calla 30 Mar

Two aspects of my life that I really value include my health and wealth. As such, I fully appreciate professionals who take the time to give me advise based on verification – calculation as opposed to mere speculation.

For instance, if I’m not feeling well, I will describe my medical symptoms to my doctor and she will do the necessary diagnosis prior to recommending a treatment. She may have an idea of what’s wrong with me, but I could only respect and count on her advice after the results of the tests are back (such as blood tests, x-rays, etc). When those results are in, if there’s something my doctor wants to discuss further, I wouldn’t expect her to send me a quick email, write me a prescription, and then never follow up. So, this is an example based on calculation.

If you called your doctor and explained symptoms, and she just jumped to a conclusion and offered a treatment right away would you have confidence in her as a medical professional given that she based her recommendations purely on speculation? I know I wouldn’t!

In this age of the Internet and a quest for simplicity, when it comes to a mortgage it’s been noted that 8 out of 10 callers ask “What are your rates?” before they have provided the necessary information. You can’t base a mortgage professional’s qualifications based solely on a quoted rate! What’s more important than rate alone is finding out if the mortgage professional is going to devise a plan for you that will reduce the amount of interest you’re paying throughout the life of your mortgage – the best plan catered to your unique needs that will enable you to save the most amount of money.

Asking about rates as opposed to focusing on the bigger picture is like asking a mortgage broker to give you results before they’ve performed any “tests”. Would you ask that of your doctor? Would you want to know results based purely on speculation? And, even when the results are in, are we all educated to the same degree to understand our “test results”?

The 20% who think differently are always the ones who soar above the rest.

It’s always the different way of asking the question or a small shift that offers a big change and results in helping borrowers get ahead!

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