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Should you have your own realtor when buying a pre-sale? YES! Here is why

General Angela Calla 7 Feb

PRE-SALES – Should I call my own Realtor?

In a word…. YES!!

Remember – the sales staff at a sales center and employed by the Developer. Period. They are there to sell product and get the most for the Developer – not for you. Presales are generally less negotiable than traditional Real Estate listings, but that does not mean they are completely non-negotiable – especially when you factor in your own Realtor.  In the current market, we have secured many negotiated discounts for our buyers. Rob Boies has experience in development personally and has showed many homebuyers many options they didn’t know they could benifit from, all throughout the lower mainland

His familiarity with the market allow us to identify when negotiating is an option. Sometimes if the price is fixed, optional items, upgrades or deposit terms can still be negotiated. However, the Developers are far less likely to offer these “incentives” to Buyers without representation. Rob Boies has expert knowledge in WHAT to ask for, and HOW to ask for it, and get the most for your money. Further – the Developer’s Disclosure Statement can be a tricky thing to navigate. Are you confident in discerning:

  • What is an appropriate maintenance fee schedule?
  • Construction time frame for the building?
  • Co-existence & structure of Stratas involving Commercial Space?
  • Parking stall & storage locker arrangements?

These are just a few examples of factors that we will help you circumnavigate. Another consideration is what happens when you get closer to the closing date. The Developer will call you for your walk-through to preview the suite for deficiencies. If you are working without Rob Boies – the Customer Service representative will likely not want to draw your attention to deficiencies OR tell you that they are not things that should be fixed. Again – this is where we come in. We know what is appropriate and what is not – and we will speak up on your behalf to make sure it is done right.

If you are in the market for looking at upcoming projects – Email Rob Boies directly to learn about what projects you might enjoy learning about or 604-341-3009