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Self Employed? Here is what you will need for a Mortgage

General Angela Calla 3 Oct

Self Employed? Here is what you will need for a Mortgage

With more than 30% of Canadians receiving at least a portion of their income from means that place them in the self-employed category, it’s important to know exactly what documentation you’ll be required to provide when seeking a mortgage. The simplest way to provide this information is to send your bookkeeper or accountant an email, CCing us, advising that you’re applying for a mortgage and requesting the following files be sent electronically. When we consult with you on your mortgage inquiry, we’ll send you a a similar list detailing what we need so we can correspond with your bookkeeper or accountant to help you moving forward:


  1. T1 Generals from the last 2 years & Notice of Assessments
  2. Notice of Articles (first 4 pages)
  3. 2 Years of Financials (depending on requested mortgage amount)
  4. Business Licences for the last 2 years
  5. GST summary or returns
  6. Copy of corporate bank account information (if proving assets or down payment proceeds are coming from this means)
  7. Keep in mind that the more information you include on the type of business you run, your main client or contracts, your price list or understanding of your billing process, the number of employees or subcontractors you work with, if you have an actual office or are working from home, etc, the clearer picture the lender will have in order to present your best options
  8. Lenders may ask for copies of invoices and contracts, and it’s important to remember the lender has the right at any time to ask for any further documentation they deem necessary for the approval of your mortgage


Self-employed mortgages require the use of experienced brokers who understand the various ways you’re compensated through your business, and how you and your accountant have selected your pay structure. Experience shows us that the best self-employed mortgages are structured by those who are also self-employed, like your mortgage experts at The Angela Calla Mortgage Team. Working with a lender or individual who does not understand or have experience with these types of mortgages may cost you more time and money, and prove more stressful than is necessary!


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