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See How Much Mortgage You Get With Your Income

General Angela Calla 6 Oct

Oct 6th 2016

In today’s market many Canadian’s want to know, what options they actually have.

Below is a table of 11 examples of approximately what your income qualifies you for in mortgage.

Keep in mind if you carry debt outside your mortgage this will decrease your amount and if you’re self-employed you may show less gross income than you actually earn. Also, if your property has an income generating suite that will add income to your file.  

This is a general guide, to learn exactly what you personally qualify for or how to be positioned best contact The Angela Calla Mortgage Team directly at 604-802-3983 or

Income Amount Annually= Mortgage Amount
40,000.00= 200k
50,000.00= 250k
60,000.00= 300k
70,000.00= 350k
80,000.00= 400k
90,000.00= 450k
200,000.00=1 million
You can likely see the trend that every 10k in income amount generally qualifies you for 50k in mortgage. When budgeting for your payment every 100k in mortgage is on average $445/month
Providing clarity is what we do, we look forward to helping you personally.
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