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Prime remains at 3%

General 31 May

Good Morning,

As suspected rates have held steady this morning, meaning no change to variable rate mortgages or lines of credit with the current payments. Lenders appear to be minimizing the discount avaliable on variable rate mortgages which has been one of the most benifical options to help borrowers over the last decade pay there mortgages off faster. With timing being a key componet to financial freedom we encourage you to ensure that anyone with a renewal or shopping for a home has a rate held in for as long as possible to have the most amount of options moving forward. If anyone you care about is paying over 4.5% it’s best to review the mortgage now instead of waiting for renewal. Should you have any questions, require a rate hold for you or someone you care about, or ensure you have the mortgage to result in the most savings please email us today at

Some key points from this morning’s press release are below

Have a good week.

The global recovery is proceeding as expected at a modest pace, limited by household balance sheets.

Growth in Europe is gaining momentum, but risks have increased with Japan effecting supply chain disruptions.

Commodity prices have declined recently but are expected to remain at elevated levels. Those high prices and exess demand pressures are contributing to inflationary pressures. Despite the challenges financial conditions remain stimulative.

In Canada the economy grew 3.9% in the frist quarter reflecting a strong business investment, smaller contributions from goverment and a modest drag from net exports. Although disripted slighlty this is expected to be made up in subsequent quarters.

High energy prices and changes in provincial taxes are expected to keep CPI inflation at 3% short term and converge to 2%by middle of 2012 while supply is absorbed

Greater momentum in household spending represents an upside risk to inflation. On the other hand a higher dollar will put downward pressure through weaker than expected net exports.

Reflecting these factors the Bank had left rates and is carefuly watching excess supply with absorbtion and the withdrawl of monetary sitimulus with careful consideration.

The next announcment will be July 19th 2011

Angela Calla, AMP

Dominion Lending Centres-Angela Calla