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Prime holds steady

General Angela Calla 25 Oct


As expected there is no change to prime rate this morning. This means no change to those whom carry an adjustable/variable rate mortgage or line of credit. The full report can be viewed here

Reported last week at , if you or someone you care about is getting a new mortgage in the near future with the change in the spreads for variable rate mortgage; the consideration of a fixed rate may be suggestible with the closing of the gap the lenders have done over the last few weeks.

If someone that you care about could benifit from a review if their mortgage as their mortgage rate is over 4% or they are carring over $250 a month in outside debts, please introduce us over an email at or call 604-802-3983

Have a great week

Angela Calla, AMP Mortgage Expert

Dominion Lending Centres-Angela Calla Mortgage Team