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Loyalty or Habit: How have you chosen your mortgage provider by Angela Calla

General Angela Calla 27 Feb

Everybody wants to belong somewhere – whether it involves finding comfort in a brand or being part of a culture – because it’s how we put our emotions into our finances.

Emotion in finances can be a good thing when the connection makes sense.

Loyalty should be based on a systematic, proactive commitment coupled with processes and strategies on how you’ll continue to benefit via savings, value and education throughout the life of your mortgage. The fact is, loyalty is earned based on the fundamental goal of transparency in a clear plan.

Habit is what most lenders rely on as they typically only have 3 products available to you and they often “sell” you the product that represents the most profit. We all see how well the Canadian banks do. The habits they look for are the same. Here are the top 3 habits banks love:

1. All your accounts are with the bank and your cheques are also deposited there.

2. You’ve had the same bank account since you were a kid.

3. You believe it would affect your relationship with your bank if your mortgage was with another institution.

Sound Familiar?

These are not tangible reasons to do business with someone (not to mention that if you have a mortgage elsewhere, the lender will automatically withdraw payments by void cheque with no disruption to your accounts). When you consult an independent AMP (free of charge), you’ll often be shown better options that your bank just can’t provide – or simply chooses not to offer. It’s each borrower’s responsibility to make sure companies earn your loyalty. We all have a choice to make our decisions based on knowledge and work with people who want to empower us. In other words, people who want loyal clients are willing to go above and beyond to earn that loyalty.

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