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Looking to Locking in Your Mortgage? Here is How to Contact Your Lender

General Angela Calla 21 Apr

In light of the recent Bank of Canada announcement, raising the interest on variable rate mortgages by 0.5%, we wanted to take the initiative prior to the next expected ones to provide the knowledge on how to find the available options of locking in your variable rate, should this be something you are considering. It’s expected at this snapshot in time that Prime will rise the next while to 3.95%, pre-pandemic levels.  No one can predict with certainty what will happen for sure. Right now, we know rates will go up, and if you want to lock into a fixed rate, it will be around 4% with your existing lender should you decide not to want to be in variable anymore.

Here is a link to our app if you want to see how those payments will look in advance.

Your lender can be reached by emailing them a request to lock-in.

If you email them to review the options, you will be provided with those options back via email and have 1-3 days to sign and send them back should you decide to lock-in.

Should you decide to continue to be in your variable, then you simply would not sign the papers.

Below is a list of lenders that we work with along with the email/phone number to contact them to begin this process:

  2. First
  3. Scotia Bank  – (Link to book an appointment)
  4. Toronto Dominion Bank (TD)(Link to book an appointment)
  5. Dominion Lending Centre (DLC)(Contact Page)

Copy and paste this email to them:

Subject line: Lock in Request (Your Name)

Kindly send me my lock-in options
If you have any questions, please contact me directly at
Your Name and Phone Number/Email address/Property Address with the Mortgage in Question

At the Angela Calla Mortgage Team, we always believe in knowing all the options available to make an informed decision. If there is anything else we can help you with your mortgage, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you do decide to lock in, please keep us posted so we can update our records.

Angela Calla is an 18-year award-winning woman of influence which sets her apart from the rest. Alongside her team, Angela passionately assists mortgage holders in acquiring the best possible mortgage. Through her presence on “The Mortgage Show” and through her best-selling book “The Mortgage Code, Angela educates prospective home buyers by providing vital information on mortgages. 

In August of 2020, at the young age of 37, Angela surpassed $1 Billion dollars in funded personal mortgages. In light of this, her success awarded her with the 2020Business Leader of the Year Award.

Angela is a frequent go-to source for media and publishers across the country. For media interviews, speaking inquiries, or personal mortgage assistance, please contact Angela at or at 604-802-3983.

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