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Lessons from the Financial Crisis

General Angela Calla 26 May

The Bank of Canada released a special issue of its Review, “Lessons from the Financial Crisis,” which examines the recent research on the role of liquidity in the financial system, and the public policy responses that aimed to restore stability to the financial system during the crisis and foster economic recovery.


The Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick asks Jeff Schwartz of Credit Counselling Services of Canada how Canadians can prepare for bigger mortgage payments. Click here to watch the short video.


Australia is seen as having the best quality of life among industrialized countries, one ranking ahead of second-place Canada, according to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.


However, it appears the clincher for Australia could be its high voter-turnout rates, which policymakers in that country agree are largely the result of mandatory voting laws.


Canada scored at or near the top in areas such as housing, education, health and life satisfaction among the 34 major industrialized countries that make up the OECD. Sweden ranked third, the US was seventh and Turkey was dead last.


The Better Life Initiative survey marks an attempt by the OECD – an economic and social policy think-tank funded by its members – to provide a broader measure of a country’s success than gross domestic product figures.


Click here for the National Post article.