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How to Close on a Presale to Preserve Wealth with Reverse Mortgage

General Angela Calla 24 May

As presale closing dates approach, many clients are trying to figure out how to close on the presale they wrote on 2 years ago. If you are 55 years or older, we may be able to help.

For a client purchasing a presale who no longer qualifies for enough of a mortgage on the new purchase, their parents or grandparents can use CHIP to gift the necessary funds. The parents or grandparents can gift the money with no impact on their monthly cashflow (no payments required) and no tax or investment growth impact from taking the money from savings.

Clients 55 years of age or older purchasing the condo for themselves, either as a rental or a home they will eventually move into, have a few options. If they have good equity in their existing home, we can do an interalia over both properties to finance the full purchase price. We will need to payout the mortgage on their existing (if there is one).

Should the interalia not give them enough funds to close, you can also look at doing a reverse mortgage on whichever property will be their primary residence and fund the remaining amount owing through a traditional mortgage on the other property. We do not consider non-subject properties when qualifying.

And, of course, if your clients have enough equity in their primary residence to fund the purchase of the presale, no interalia is required.

If your clients intend on selling one of the properties within the first year, Reverse Open is a good option. If they plan on keeping it for longer they are likely better off to do a traditional reverse and pay the penalty when they sell. I’m happy to run the numbers for both scenario.


Recent Client Story – Presale Condo Purchase

Larry (78) and Brenda (74) have a clear title home in Burnaby valued at $3.2M. Their grandson purchased a presale in 2021, closing at the end of May. Not only does he no longer qualify for the mortgage but the appraisal came back lower than the purchase price so he also needs to make up the $80,000 shortfall.

Reverse approved loan amount: $1,242,500

They gifted their grandson $400,000 to close on his presale. The grandson didn’t need that much but Larry and Brenda decided that, rather than gift him just enough to cover the shortfall and qualify, they would gift him enough to help him live more comfortably.


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