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How does inflation affect your money?

General Angela Calla 15 Feb

When inflation goes up, the value of your money goes down.

Inflation is like a dripping tap. It may look like barely any water is coming out. But it’s amazing how it adds up over time.

Say you put $50K under your mattress tonight. If inflation averages 3% per year – and you raid your mattress after 10 years to spend the $$$, it would only be worth $37,000 at present value – because of the inflated costs of goods and services. If you wait 20 years, it would be worth only $27,000 at present value, etc. 

Inflation isn’t 3%  🙁 and if you feel it’s time you secured your savings, please give your advisor a call.  If you do not have one, please feel free to reach out to  as I would be happy to make an introduction to an associate that can meet in person, over zoom or on the phone.

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