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More homes were sold in Canada in July than in any month in history

General Angela Calla 18 Aug

Vancouver sales increased 44 per cent on the month and 24 per cent from July 2019.

Canadian home sales surged to a record in July as homebuyers emerged from lockdowns.

Transactions for existing properties reached 62,355 in the month, up 26 per cent from a month earlier, the Canadian Real Estate Association reported. Benchmark prices were 2.3 per cent higher on the month, as pent-up demand for homes collided with extremely low inventory levels.

More homes were sold in Canada in July than in any month in history… And, let me tell you, it sure felt like it!! Mortgage rates are at all-time historical lows, home owners are discovering that their current homes aren’t big enough, separations 😢 – all of these seemed to drive a flurry of sales activity.

Also, with rates so low, we saw many people refinancing and transferring their mortgages. What a summer… what a year! And we’re only in August.

It will be interesting, to say the least, to see what the rest of the year brings for the real estate and mortgage market.

Stay tuned! You know we’ll always keep you updated.


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