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Homeownerships Improves IQ and Self Esteem

General Angela Calla 16 Aug

From a study conducted in Calgary:

Please note: we didn’t write or contruibute to the survey, just sharing it with you!

2.1 benefits  to homeownership

Through a combination of literature review and key person interviews, the following benefits to homeownership were identified:

 · homeownership is a major contributor to financial security and wealth creation for individual households;

 · homeownership is also an important contributor to a community’s economic growth;

 · homeownership has positive impacts on personal well-being, fulfillment, self-esteem, sense of control and stability;

 · homeownership plays a role in improving the neighbourhood and community quality of life;

 · promoting greater income equality through homeownership can contribute to improved population health;

 · children of homeowners do better in school and are more likely to complete their schooling (scholastic performance has more to do with household stability, a sense of belonging and family values around education and it does improve I.Q.);

 · children of homeowners are more likely to become homeowners themselves;

 · homeowners are more vested in the interests of the community in which they live and more concerned about what goes on around them;· homeownership offers legitimacy to people, allowing them to speak out and have an opinion about what goes on in their neighbourhood and community;

 · homeowners are more likely to participate in community life, get involved in local activities, and are more likely to know their neighbours and their neighbourhood;

 · homeowners are more likely to vote in local, provincial and federal elections than renters;

 · public efforts to increase access to individual homeownership have greater impacts among low-income households than among higher-income households; and

 · When low-income renters become homeowners, there is a shift in thought processes, attitudes, and level of responsibility. People shift from being clients of social services to being partners in their communities.

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