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Hear how we saved Margaret of Surrey $36,000.00 per year by redoing her mortgage at renewal

General Angela Calla 15 Dec

The Angela Calla Mortgage Team saved Margaret of Surrey and her husband $3000.00 per month by restructuring her mortgage at renewal. Her mortgage was up for renewal at the bank where they encouraged her just to renew directly, however it did not address her current life stage of her outside debt including credit cards and lines of credit that have been accumulated due to helping her adult children with school, and now there businesses.

Thank goodness she did not renew directly with the bank. That costly mistake would have costed her $36,000.00 per year where now she is saving that money by contacting The Angela Calla Mortgage Team. Feeling discouraged she happed to tune into The Mortgage Show one day while she was cleaning the house and decided to give us a call.

We were able to consolidate her outside debts not only saving her $3000.00 per month but helping her save money each month and pay down her mortgage at a highly accelerated rate. She had used a mortgage broker before but they had never reached out to her to help her with renewal. As a result of her contacting us we quickly helped her with the new mortgage and she will now be a part of our mortgage management program included with every mortgage we do so we will review her mortgage every year to ensure she has the best mortgage at all times. Hear her share her story live

Here is Margaret’s interview …

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