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Happy Clients Jesse

General Angela Calla 18 Mar

As a matter of fact I have been thinking of a testimonial, I’ve just been quite busy.  Here is our story, pick out whatever part you like.  I hope reading it give you folks a smile.


We got our down payment through a gift of inheritance, we never even considered that with housing prices the way they were going that we could ever afford a house of our own.   I had heard of Angela Calla on CKNW but I figured that she would mostly deal with large accounts seeing as she is the biggest name I know of.  I have had experiences with businesses that are used to dealing with larger clients and I was not always treated very well with my average sized pockets.  I spoke with a family friend who happened to know Angela Calla and strongly recommended her, told me she was a wonderful young lady and would be very good to me. 


My initial thoughts could not be further from the truth, once I contacted Angela she first made me feel like her most important customer, she helped me find a Realtor and told me some of the things to expect.  Once John and Dave helped me get pre-approved and explained to me what exactly that was, my fiancé and I  began looking at houses.  After getting out-bid for a few of the only detached houses still in our price range in Abbotsford, we decided to try to find a townhouse closer to our current address in Surrey.  It would appear everyone else decided to look for a townhouse in Surrey when we did as the market was absolutely insane. So Insane was the market that even when we were the highest bid on a townhouse that we loved we still couldn’t get an accepted offer.  When I was all but ready to give up Angela Calla, John Hsu, and David Holmes worked with my Realtor and after a few very fast, confusing, and down right frustrating turn of events and changes we managed to get an accepted offer mid-week, and they figured out all the financing details in an exceptionally short period of time. 


I then went into Angela Calla’s office at Dominion Lending to get some paperwork signed.  Until this point I had not met anyone in person and again I had thoughts of past dealing with other companies and I was nervous.  When I met John, he greeted me like a friend and was extremely patient with me answering my every question and explaining everything at a level that I could easily grasp.  He let me know all of my options and helped me to work out was would work best for me.  John was also great with my 1 year old daughter who wanted to be let in on some of the paperwork and claim the meeting room as her own.  I finally met Angela and David in person once all the papers were signed, and the warmth and welcoming feeling I got when I was at her office could best be described as the welcoming you get when you show up to a family barbecue. 


So if you were to ask me if I would recommend this particular team of people to someone in the future, I would.  In fact I would suggest that if you are a first time home buyer Angela Calla and her team should be the first place you go.  why should anyone settle?  The Angela Calla team group of warm regular folks that will do what it takes to get things done.    


Thanks guys, Jesse of Surrey