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Getting a Mortgage After Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy

General Angela Calla 6 Jan

Life can definitely throw some challenging financial situations your way.

As independent mortgage professionals, we can provide solutions and

strategies during or after these challenging times in order to get you back

on track.   We have access to banks, trust companies and mortgage companies

that specialize in this transitional period to help you move forward with

the best mortgage plan for you.  We protect your credit by negotiating with

multiple lenders to find a solution for you.   The best part of all is that

our service is free!


If you have never owned a home and have had a consumer proposal, the good

news is that you are already accustomed to the discipline of saving money

every month.  Should you choose to continue to grow your savings, those

funds can then be put toward a down payment and re-establishing credit.  


If you own a home already, there are lenders that will help you refinance and pay out your proposal

earlier in order to accelerate your transition period.


After bankruptcy, different lenders will issue mortgages based on the amount

of time since you were discharged, the amount of down payment on a purchase

and/or the current equity in your home if your already own.   Lenders then

price their rates based on these aspects of your application.    We look

forward to learning about your journey while protecting your credit and

guiding you through the best strategy on a moving forward basis.   


The Angela Calla Mortgage Team is here to help you personally with your mortgage questions 604-802-3983 and