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Federal Budget 2023: Highlights

General Angela Calla 29 Mar

Measures for individuals

  • Alternative minimum tax (AMT) rules expanded to apply to more
    high-income earners.
  • Qualifying family members measure for RDSPs will be extended by
    three years to 2026, and expanded to include siblings 18 and older.
  • The maximum educational assistance payment (EAP) withdrawal
    for the first 13 weeks of enrollment increased to $8,000 (full-time students) and $4,000 (part-time students).
  • A new grocery rebate will be available by increasing the maximum
    Good and Service Tax Credit (GSTC).
  • Employee ownership trusts (EOT) will be available to facilitate
    business succession between business owners and employees
    starting January 2024.
  • Retirement compensation arrangements will not be subject to
    50% refundable tax on fees or premiums paid for securing or
    renewing a letter of credit.
  • Deduction for tradespeople’s tools doubled from $500 to $1,000, effective 2023.

Measures for corporations

  • Bill C-208 refined with additional safeguards for genuine intergenerational business transfer from parents to children.
  • Several tax credits and other incentives introduced for businesses producing and manufacturing clean energy.
  • Public corporations subject to a new 2% tax on equity issuance
    and repurchases.
  • Proposal of several amendments to GAAR (General Anti-avoidance Rule).

Other notable measures

  • Inflation adjustment on the excise tax for beer, spirits and wine temporarily capped at 2% for this year.
  • Canada Student Grants (CSG) will increase by 40%.
  • Government to lower credit card fees for small business.

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