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Easy Refinance Program for Qualified Borrowers & Properties

General Angela Calla 2 May

Easy Refinance Program Highlights:

This program is administered through FCT and covers the following at no cost to the borrower:

* All secured and unsecured debt payout

* One (1) signing appointment with an FCT representative

* Mortgage Registration

* Discharge of existing mortgages

* Lender title insurance

* All courier fees for the borrower(s) proceeds

* Appraisal Costs 

To qualify for this program, the following must be true at the time of closing:

* The mortgage amount must be between $200,000 and $750,000.

* The loan to value cannot exceed 75%.

* Must be Owner-Occupied and fully qualifying.  Second Homes allowed provided they are considered Owner-Occupied

Please note the Easy Refinance Program is only available under a 5 Year Fixed Rate term.
In the event that a deal does not qualify under the Easy Refinance Program,  we will ensure you get the best mortgage option to save you the most about of money over the term of your mortgage and you have the best mortgage for you and your future plans.

This option can be withdrawn at any time so we suggest you act quickly to see if it’s avaliable to you

Want to learn more about our New Refinance Program? Contact th Angela Calla Mortgage Team today 604-802-3983