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COVID-19 Mortgage Update

General Angela Calla 16 Mar

With all the updates that keep pouring in, we would like to invite you to see these as they happen by following our Facebook page:

In efforts to keep this short for you as I’m sure you have received lots of emails over this past week on our Facebook page you will find the below helpful resources.

1.  A list of common lenders that you can call if you are having troubles making an upcoming mortgage payment.

2. Alternatively, utilizing that list, you can also call your existing lender and get your balance and penalty amount to take advantage of todays rates and learn without biased from us if its your best interest to make a change.  This will be the information required with a copy of your most recent mortgage statement, a note of combined income and estimated property value to see if its worth an in-depth review.  Please send this information to

Through these changing times, rest assured we are here to help you and those you care most about every single step of the way and are working via phone and email.

Kindly note:

-Lenders are experiencing a very high volume of calls and emails.  We anticipate these reduced rates will be the norm for the next while so there is no immediate rush but while you’re likely spending more time at home, now will be a good time to review.

-If a mortgage approval is in the works already with our team, you can have confidence the lowest rate available for your scenario will be provided at closing.

Angela Calla is a 16 year award-winning woman of influence mortgage expert. Alongside her team, passionately assisting mortgage holders get the best mortgage, and educating them on The Mortgage Show on CKNW for over a decade and through her best-selling book The Mortgage Code available on Amazon. To purchase the book click here: The Mortgage Code. Proceeds from all  sales will be donated to Access Youth Outreach Services. Angela can be reached at or 604-802-3983.