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Canadians are stepping up mortgage repayment

General Angela Calla 20 Dec


While I’ve been busy sinking money into mortgage payments, daycare costs, RESPs, RRSPs, utilities, groceries, vehicle maintenance and the occasional vacation, I’ve somehow failed to notice that many Canadians seem to be doing all this – and stepping up their mortgage repayments, too.


According to the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, over the past 20 years mortgage repayment periods have shrunk to two-thirds of the actual contracted period. Furthermore, during the past year – a time when household debt has soared to a record high – 32% of borrowers have managed to dramatically accelerate their mortgage payment schedules.


Yes, you read that right. At a time when Canadians have loaded up on consumer, house and car debt, it appears that many people are finding ways to pay off their mortgages faster.


Of the almost 6 million mortgage-holders in Canada, about 1.9 million made additional payment efforts during the past year. I was not one of them, unless the biweekly payment option counts. Instead, I am among the 60% of mortgage holders who made only their minimum mortgage payment.


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