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Housing Market: Can it continue like this?

General Angela Calla 16 Apr

Can the current housing market continue even with the impact of Covid-19? Absolutely, but we must address one key issue.

Canada currently has a major deficit in housing with the country needing an additional 150,000 homes. The large influx of immigrants is proving to be a bit challenging for builders. Can the current housing market continue like this?

The general consensus suggests that increasing down payments will help the market. However, without physical housing increased down payments will not be as effective. Perhaps then, it is the process that needs to be changed or enhanced. Canadian builders spend too much time handling different processes to secure approvals on building. Thus, hinders the capability of building homes at a timely rate. In other words, if we can decrease the time it takes for builders to secure approvals, then we might be able to meet the increasing demand for housing.

Will the market continue to be strong?

To answer this question, we look towards the Banks. Most banks will anticipate the market by changing certain programs. Currently, we can see that self employed programs are being revisited and enhanced by banks. In addition to the banks, Canadian insurers also offer good insight on the strength of the market. Insurance policies and programs will also often change when the market starts to show some strength.

Both of these examples highlight the confidence seen in the Canadian consumer ability. This confirms the speculation of a strong market since the banks are anticipating the continued growth of the market. According to the President of Residential Lending at one of our major Canadian banks, during the Covid-19 pandemic, 80% of Canadians had actually built wealth. There is currently 200 Billion Dollars sitting in Canadian Chequing accounts.

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