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Calrity on using The Angela Calla Mortgage Team vs yourself

General Angela Calla 23 Feb

Good Afternoon,

It’s common for when a borrower is considering getting a mortgage for them to consider the bank as the best source, until they know a little more about how it can impact there financial future. When you deal with an AMP you get transparency, unbiased advice, choice AND the service is free. Here are some questions and comparisons to consider moving forward. If you dealing with a lender on your own is the best financial route, it is our legal obligation to advise you to stick with where you are and always will do so.

Are you aware that dealing with any lender directly, results in you dealing with someone whom has a direct bias to do the best for their employer under their job description?

We have been through some of the most rapidly changing economic times since the great depression. What has the bank demonstrated to ensure that you have optimized that opportunity with your existing products that you feel loyal to that has resulted in you saving money and take advantage of the market on an ongoing basis with clear proactive communication (not you calling or walking into the branch)?

You understand the difference in penalty? it’s impossible to intelligently shop for a mortgage with a lender directly when the contract in the 2 clauses read the same but they use different internal numbers for the calculations, which most consumers find unsettling.

What strategy’s previously and moving forward to manage your mortgage and protect your equity, and you from inflation even in the event of a fixed rate have they committed to you. Angela Calla on City TV explaining this & The 11 things we do differently

A sale isn’t the ONLY reason you would need to make a future modification to a mortgage. That’s one of the BIGGEST mistakes a borrower can make- the interest rate market changing .5 of a percent (up or down), you health, income, or family circumstances can change. In life some things we know with certainty- others we do not. If you can protect yourself for free in the event of a circumstance/life change that is out of your control, why would you throw your money away to an unnecessary penalty (as above)- that makes no financial sense in any regard.
Especially when you have had the opportunity to gain clarity through knowledge.

Being licensed professionals, we are here to provide transparency, unbiased advise and choice, not only now; throughout the life of the mortgage. If it was in your best interest to remain with your lender we would advise accordingly.

Now that everything has been laid out clearly for you should you choose to remain with your existing lender on your own as the above security and clear financial benefit is not of value to you, then at least you are aware of how it will affect your finances negatively down the road.

We are passionate about helping Canadians save their hard earned money and are here to help you through having a mortgage. Contact us directly to help you move forward

Have a great day,

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