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Budgeting during our state of emergency

General Angela Calla 7 Apr

During these times I wanted to offer you a worksheet (in a Printable PDF or Editable Spreadsheet) while people are going through the budgeting process and evaluating their financials as a tool to help empower you.

Before you look at this sheet here are some basics and links I wanted to bring to your attention to help you preserve cash.

While you go through this please note here are some helpful links:

Applying for EI

Numbers for Lenders for mortgage payment deferral

Other options to potentially delay payments

Information for Landlords 

Property Taxes


Car Loans Insurance Premiums (Personal, Car, Life)

There are currently no deferral systems in place for strata payments but you can learn about the best way to manage your meetings.

How to manage Strata meetings during COVID-19

You may also want to consider going through your credit card and bank statements for subscriptions, expenses and charity donations you believe are no longer necessary. This could potentially free up a sizeable amount of income.

Feel free to share this with anyone you believe could benefit! We’re here to help.

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