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Breaking News – Change to Insured Mortgage Stress Test April 6, 2020

General Angela Calla 18 Feb

Good Afternoon,

Today it was announced there will be changes to the mortgage stress test April 6th 2020 for insured mortgages. The change will be the contract plus 2%. As an example, that takes the current stress test from some lenders at 5.19% to 4.79% as a qualifying rate once effective.

Below is the full press release and how it will help the average pre approval broken down by The Angela Calla Mortgage Team  is located below

Combined household income $120,000.00 with the current stress test is a $580,000.00 purchase price

New stress test, this applicant potentially qualifies for a purchase price of $607,500.00

Change in amount $27,500 subject to approval

  1. While this is a change in the right direction, please note this will heat up what is already shaping up to be a busy spring market.
  2. To increase your purchase price, you must also increase the down payment (in the example above an extra $2,500.00)
  3. This will also increase your closing costs slightly.  Also note, the strata fees and property taxes may also be increased at this point and impact the qualification.

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