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BC Temporary Rental Supplement (TRS) is NOW OPEN!

General Angela Calla 9 Apr


BC Temporary Rental Supplement is NOW OPEN!

Please note you will need to prove income loss and tenancy, this is directly from the application process:

Proof of Income Loss

Submit one of the following for every family member aged 19 years or over whose employment income has decreased as a result of COVID-19.

  • Record of Employment
  • Copy of application for Employment Insurance or screenshot of current EI claim from My Service Canada online account
  • Copy of application for Canada Emergency Response Benefit or screenshot of current CERB claim from My Service Canada online account
  • Letter from your employer regarding reduced hours and reason

Proof of Tenancy and Rent

Submit one or more of the following to confirm tenancy and current monthly rent.

  • Tenancy Agreement / Notice of Rent Increase
  • Recent Rent receipt (within past 3 months)
  • Bank statement showing recent rent payment to your landlord (within past 3 months)
  • Letter from Landlord confirming tenancy and monthly rent




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