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Angela Calla helping you become Mortgage Free Faster-In The Globe and Mail

General Angela Calla 7 Nov

Knowledge is power and at The Angela Calla Mortage Team when you are our client we have a plan in place to help you understand the market and optimize it accordingly. In case you couldn’t read the font in the article, I typed it out below my quote on the bottom of the page for you.

Enjoy and we are here to help you directly at 604-802-3983

Today’s Low Rates are a gift. But if they’re not utilized properly, you may be faced with payment shock when your mortgage renews at more normal levels. Those who take advantage of today’s low rates to pay their mortgages off faster are typically those who take advantage of the free services provided by their mortgage professionals to create individualized plans. If you understand your own habits, it’s easier to set yourself up for success. If you’re not diligent about saving, for example, it’s important to acknowledge that you’re going to benefit significantly from setting up your mortgage right the first time.