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Angela Calla Gives Sound Advise to 1st Timers As Seen in The Globe & Mail

General Angela Calla 6 Oct

How does a first timer get into the market? Start with sepaking with a mortgage professional.

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The same principles apply in the Vancouver region, says mortgage professional Angela Calla, who is also the host of The Mortgage Show on CKNW Radio. “A one-bedroom condo in downtown Vancouver can cost $500,000 on average, which would take a gross annual household income of approximately $100,000 to qualify for. If you look at Port Coquitlam or Coquitlam, which is a 30-minute commute from the downtown core, a one-bedroom condo can still be purchased for around $200,000, which takes a gross annual income of approximately $40,000 to qualify for,” she explains. “For the Coquitlam condo example, you would need to have a $10,000 down payment. Your mortgage payment is approximately $890 a month, plus $300 in strata fees and taxes. That puts your total monthly payment at around $1,190.”

An estimate like this can help potential homebuyers test their appetite for owning a place. “If you are paying over $1,500 a month in rent, why not take a look at what’s out there for you?” suggests Ms. Calla.

She adds that it’s never too early to seek advice. “Knowing your goals can help you map out the steps for getting there. If you are saving for a $10,000 down payment, for example, and you’re starting from zero, you would aim for saving $834 a month for a year by finding ways to reduce your spending or bringing in that money by selling an asset,” she says. “And if you have outside debt, it’s important to know which loans should be paid out to help your qualifications along.”

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