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Angela Calla a CMP 2016 Young Gun

General Angela Calla 3 Aug

I am really grateful after over a decade of living my passion as a mortgage professional and educator, a wedding and 2 babies later to still be considered a Young Gun again. Its a pleasure to be along side with this Canada Wide list. A HUGE congratulations to my friends who made the list.‪#‎callateam‬   

Young Guns 2016

Young Guns 2016

Once again, CMP’s annual Young Guns list offers an insightful glimpse into the industry as it stands today and what it may be in the future. While everyone featured on this list is under the age of 35, that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in experience – or, indeed, wisdom. Many of the brokers on this list have more than a decade in the mortgage business under their belts. As such, they have strong opinions on where the industry is headed and what changes need to be made to ensure the continued credibility and legitimacy of the mortgage business. 

Many of this year’s Young Guns work in the intense markets of Vancouver and Toronto, which continue to dominate the conversa-tion about real estate in Canada. Some believe talk of a bubble is economist scaremongering – and that it’s growing tiresome – while others take the view that the current growth cannot go on forever, so contingencies should be put in place. 

Another major talking point among this year’s selection was how important technology has become, particularly in regard to the different expectations of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and millen-nials. The consensus is that being able to adapt is crucial to success in 2016, and harnessing the many tools of the digital era is what will separate those at the top of the industry from the rest. That said, the days of the face-to-face meeting and personal phone call aren’t quite over yet, and our Young Guns agree that these forms of communication are still necessary for developing solid relation-ships with clients. 

If the young shall inherit the earth, and these young mort-gage professionals shall inherit this particular business, then the industry is clearly in the best of hands. 

Mortgage professional
Age: 33

When discussing what attracted her to the mortgage business, Angela Calla is unequivocal about the need to find value for her clients as they make the biggest purchase of their lives. “I love saving people money for what matters in life – anything is better than interest!” she says. “It’s my passion. I want to continue to educate Canadians on how to get their mortgage working for them. With our help, bottom line, you will always save the most amount of money.”

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