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8 Benifits of Working with The Angela Calla Mortgage Team

General Angela Calla 26 Oct

8 Benefits of working with The Angela Calla Mortgage Team

  1. 1.       We are independent, unbiased mortgage experts who use our experience in shopping multiple lenders to result in the best long term approach for your needs, keeping in mind your future goals.
  2. 2.       We protect your credit score by using one application to shop the best suited lenders, whereas, if you had done this on your own; it would affect the options available to you.
  3. 3.       Our service is free, as we get compensated equally regardless of where we place your mortgage.
  4. 4.       The consulting we provide is for as long as you have a mortgage; we are continually looking for ways to optimize the market to minimize the interest you pay on your mortgage.
  5. 5.       We place billions of dollars with the lenders where the average consumer may only place a few mortgages in their lifetime; this is our passion and profession.
  6. 6.       With our team being on advisory boards for lenders, insurers and government bodies, we are in the front line of the industry, which allows our clients to benefit from knowledge first, in real time, giving you the ability to be proactive.
  7. 7.       Everyone on our team is qualified to help you, so when it matters most to you, your questions are addressed quickly and properly. We maintain that with our own personal experience, our expertise is used to help you in the same manner as we would for our own mortgages and for those for our families.
  8. 8.       We provide continuous education through our radio program, blog, newsletters, realeases, facebook pages and personal contact and scheduled follow-up.

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