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3 Top Tips with the Reduction of the BOC Qualifying Rate

General Angela Calla 26 Jul

With the return of a buyer’s market, finally a reduction in the qualifying rates assists both people buying a home or people looking to access to their equity to take advantage of the situation.

  1. If you are currently shopping for a home, review your pre-approval with your mortgage broker. On a $500,000 mortgage, the new rate increases your buying power on average by $10,000. This could be the difference in you winning the bid, getting that extra parking spot or slightly higher square footage.
  2. Rates have been going down; that coupled with the recent qualifying rate reduction could improve your rate and cash flow as well.
  3. If you have an existing mortgage with a rate more than 3.2 per cent, it’s worth a review to see if it’s beneficial to break it and get a new term. Everyone’s scenario will be different based on their existing equity, income, credit and their lender. A mortgage professional can guide you through it. Once those numbers are worked out, it will be easy to make a decision based on the numbers after penalty and costs.

In this ever changing mortgage market, it’s been incredibly exciting to see homebuyers entering the market after a few rough years and getting some relief! Looking forward to more changes to come with the Bank of Canada and how the federal government’s homebuying plan will roll out in upcoming months.

Stay tuned and here to help with any clarity.

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