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3 steps-how to own in your 20

General Angela Calla 11 Apr

There are many factors being overlooked by the media frenzy focusing on how unaffordable real estate is these days.

 Of course housing is more expensive than it was for our grandparents! Everyone has a similar family comparison of how a grandparent or aunt paid $50,000 for a home in 1954 and sold it for $600,000 in 2010! That’s a lot of years for home prices to rise!

 Have Canadians forgotten about the tax shelter that home ownership provides?

 We have TFSAs and RRSPs, but they can only help so much, especially when you have to invest, in most cases, after you have paid your housing expense.

 Real estate is often overlooked for tax reduction and deferral, let alone income generation and inflation protection.

 In the example above of the home purchased in 1954 and sold in 2010, there was $550,000 in equity that is Tax Free! Who can argue that doesn’t provide a good future lifestyle for whatever life can throw at you?

 Let’s take a look into the life of these homeowners who had four children and were able to help all of them with a down payment for their first homes.

 As they aged, they also ran into some health problems. They eventually ended up in long-term care, which cost $5,000 a month. No surprise that isn’t covered by a pension!

 They could go to their children. They have $5,000 a month to spare, right?! Not likely.

 Take a look at what you net on your income:

$50,000 gross = 40,465 net

 Are you depressed yet?

 To find your tax bracket, use the following chart:

 How could you get that if you rent?

 Here is the profile of how to build this for yourself in your 20s in a year:

Earning $32,000/year ($16/hour full time).

Step 1: Save $12,000 – get aggressive by saving $1,000 per month! Live at home, take a bus, and do whatever it takes. If you have an excuse, you don’t want it badly enough.

Step 2: Buy a two-bedroom condo for $200,000 in either the Tri-cities, Surrey, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows. A member of our team will find one for you – and protect you with the best mortgage.

Acc Bi weekly mortgage payments = $478. MUST increase to $574 accelerated bi-weekly.

This mortgage paid off in approx 12 years!

Insurance and additional ways to pay your mortgage off faster:

Rent a room to your brother, co-worker, a student, etc, or even rent out your parking spot

Step 3: You now have $200,000 in Tax-Free money to build more wealth in your early thirties – Yes, please! (This is provided the property didn’t even increase in Value, which is unlikely over 12 years!)

Real estate is not a gamble long-term. Stop making excuses today! If you don’t make excuses, you can have it – I did this!